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For additional financial information, ICAP portfolio includes a variety of services, providing access to the Financial Statements of more than 900,000 incorporated and limited liability companies operating in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.


Business Reports

ICAP's Business Reports are a reliable source of information and can help you form an opinion regarding the operation, profitability and stability of a given firm in Greece and abroad.


Financial Statements

The Financial Statements are offered in different forms depending on whether they refer to a Company, a Group or a Sector and the ratios are grouped in five categories:

    • Profitability
    • Viability & Capital Structure
    • Liquidity
    • Activity
    • Investor

All products contain the evolution of the accounts and ratios over time and figures can be edited through Excel.


ICAP Data.Prisma

Data.Prisma is ICAP’s most contemporary business intelligence tool for in-depth analysis of financial and commercial data, for the primary purpose of business development through refined company profiling.

The application has been designed aiming to provide customers with immediate access to comprehensive set of business information of a preselected universe of business entities. It offers at the same time all the necessary tools for aggregating, analysing, profiling and reporting all information provided by the system, enabling companies to identify new customers, search for partners’ information and assist the overall day-to-day operations of multiple departments.